Aromterapijas aproce + Virus stop

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Aromatherapy bracelet is a great way to use natural essential oils every day. After all, what we breathe in, reach our brain and effect emotions.


The bracelet contains a pendant which opens and bubble of wool is placed in it. The wool absorbs the essential oils and spread the aroma. Bracelets are made of howlite stone. It is believed that this stone has a calming effect, improves sleep, helps to relax.

The length of the Bracelet is 14-19 cm (you can specify the desired length).

Bracelets are in different designs, which are selected at random.

The set also contains essential oil mixture VIRUS STOP (3 ml) which is an effective remedy for colds, relieves breathing and cough.

The mixture includes eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree and rosemary essential oils that contain strong antibacterial properties. It helps to open up clogged nasal passages, reduce mouth and throat infections.

The mixture VIRUS stop can be evaporated at home, it helps to treat the cold, cleanses the bacteria.


Attention! The set is without a box.